It is located at the mouth of the Barranco de Maro ravine. Access is gained after passing the 294 km marker on the road N-340 towards Almería, by taking the ancient road just before the beginning of a bend. You must continue for about 300 metres then turn left before crossing the bridge, and go down a lane in very poor conditions (only accessible by 4x4 vehicles), which takes you directly to the Cala del Barranco de Maro cove.

Once you pass an apero (tool shed), the road turns into a path which is only accessible on foot and surrounded by sugar canes and subtropical crops. Afterwards, you must continue on the left hand side until reaching a small building where you will find a path that goes down to this beautiful small cove of pebbles.


Length: 20 m.(21.88 yards)
Width: 20 m.(21.88 yards)
Occupancy rate: Low
Level of urban development: Undeveloped


Composition: Sand
Colour of sand: Dark
Grained sand: Coarse
Wave conditions: Moderate